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[PROJECT SANGKHEM FUNDRAISER 22\/23]<\/b>Project Sangkhem is kickstarting our fundraising event to support the villagers in the less developed parts of Cambodia! \ud83c\uddf0\ud83c\udded<\/b><\/i>We\u2019re selling affordable laptop cases, laptop stickers, and exclusive NUS t-shirts! \ud83e\udd29<\/b><\/i>NUS T-SHIRTS \ud83d\udc55<\/b><\/i> 1 for $12, 2 for $20LAPTOP CASES (13-in) \ud83d\udcbb<\/b><\/i>$10 eachSTICKERS (A5 \/ A6) \ud83c\udf1f<\/b><\/i>$3 per sheetGrab yours now before it\u2019s too late! Secure your orders here: https:\/\/forms.gle\/92yCcsQ7o6W9MC92A<\/a>Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it \ud83d\udc9b<\/b><\/i>For enquiries, drop us a message on our Instagram page @nusnvac<\/a>.sangkhem<\/div>\n\n