The Union Executive Committee has a pool of logistical equipment that Union members may rent, subject to availability. For the loaning of the NUSSU Van, as well as any other equipment offered by the NUSSU Executive Committee, please complete the form and address to Director of Logistics at logistics@nussu.org.sg.

The list of all available equipment can be found here: https://nussu.org.sg/logistics.


The NUSSU Secretariat is located at the 5th floor of the Yusof Ishak House. It is aimed to provide a conducive environment for students to gather and hold their meetings.

Mdm Noor Shilla, our full-time administrative officer, is the custodian of the NUSSU Secretariat. Feel free to approach her if you have any general enquiries and she will be happy to answer them for you. Our friendly clerical officer assists in administering issuance of any logistical equipment or keys after approval has been granted by the following directors:


For other YIH facilities, please book via OSA facilities section at


Need an avenue to promote your event or cause? Telegram, Email, Noticeboards? You name it, we have them!
Send us an email at publicity.platforms@nussu.org.sg today!

Our platforms include: Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, EDMs and Noticeboards

Please send in your request with the subject heading:

Subject: [ "platform(s)" ] "event_name"
In addition, please include the following information in your email.

Telegram / Insta / Facebook:
1. Name of Event
2. Date of Event
3. Location of Event
4. Write up of maximum 70 words (include emojis if possible to make it more engaging)
5. Sign up Link (if any, in bit.ly format, only NUSync forms allowed if personal information is being collected)
6. Sign up Deadline (if any)
7. Poster (.png)

1. Event name
2. Small Thumbnail (150px height, 230px width)
3. Approved Poster (unrestricted height, 600px width)
4. Short description of the event (max 20 words)
5. Long description of the event (max 100 words, emojis, bold and italic styles are allowed)
6. Date of event
7. Time of event
8. Sign up link (if any, in bit.ly format, only NUSync forms allowed if personal information is being collected)
9. Sign up deadline (if any)
10. Endorsement from NUSSU affiliated committees*
*required for non-NUSSU affiliated events