Interested in serving the student population?
Do you wish to be part of important conversations and/or make a meaningful impact?
Join the 41st NUSSU EXCO!
Our second wave of recruitment ends on 5th October 2019, 2359 hours.
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Are you someone that is:
1) Ambitious — Wanting to Change Things For the Better
2) Equipped with specialized skills and knowledge — and just want to keep doing your thing for a meaningful cause
3) Keen to learn new things
4) Eager to network with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds

If ANY of the above sounds like you, do give NUSSU EXCO a shot!

Our first recruitment drive will be open today until 6 September, 2359! Apply at
If you have any questions, hit us up at!
Sign-up deadline: 6 September 2019
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