The NUSSU Executive Committee has a pool of logistical equipment that Union members may rent, subject to availability.

Please send your logistics request to bookings@nussu.org.sg. Please include the following information in your message:
  1. Name
  2. Appointment
  3. Organization
  4. Facility, equipment or van requested
  5. Date and time of intended booking
  6. Purpose of Booking (For formal events, please send a proof of in-principle approval from your staff advisor for quicker approval).

Approval process:
  1. Your booking should be made at least seven calendar days in advance of your event. Should your request be a last minute request, an administrative charge may be imposed upon the approval of your request.
  2. Once we have received your request, we will check the eligibility of your organization and availability of the logistics requested in three categories (1) Facilities, (2) Equipment and (3) Van..
  3. If the requested logistics are available, approval will be granted at the discretion of the/logistics team..
  4. In the confirmation email, the refundable deposit amount, collection and return date, time and location will be stated..
  5. Please show your confirmation email to make payment for the refundable deposit to collect the equipment/use the facilities. You may be asked to sign certain forms at this point..

Refer to the 2 tables below for the items stored at NUSSU Secretariat (YIH, Level 5) and the NUSSU Logistics Dungeon (Near YIH Carpark Area). ** This feature is under development, do email to check on the confirmed availability of the items.


1CleaningTrashbags -5 packets-
2CleaningBuckets-9 big, 3 small$10.00
3ElectronicsPortable ProjectorEpson EB-X122$50
4ElectronicsHeavy Duty PA SystemYamaha PAS3003$150
5ElectronicsPortable PA speaker-2$50
7ElectronicsPower Extension Drum (10m)-5$10.00
8ElectronicsMulti-plugs (Soapbar)-23$10.00
9ElectronicsExtension Reel (50m)-2$20.00
10ElectronicsLED rechargeable flood light series-4$20.00
11ElectronicsIbico laminating machine-1-
13Electronicsspare audio cables-7-
14Electronicsmanuals for electronics-1 box-
15ElectronicsBrother printer (cables and wires)-1-
16ElectronicsMIscellaneous Cables-1 box-
17ElectronicsBrother printer (cables and wires)-1-
18ElectronicsTorch lights-7$10.00
20ElectronicsLoudhailer batteries-12-
21ElectronicsKeyboard (Not USB port)-1 box-
23ElectronicsWalkie Tallkie-WT: 1-4
RT: 1-14, 3 unlabelled, 3 spoilt
Total: 24
24ElectronicsAudio digital PA cables-10$10.00
25Electronicsmale to male digital guitar cable-2$10.00
26Electronicschargers & Cables (tel & PC)-1 box-
27ElectronicsVoice recorder and batteries-1$20.00
28ElectronicsBrother labeller (plastic adhesive tape)-2-
29ElectronicsAdaptors (2 pin to 3 pin)-6$10.00
30ElectronicsWalkie talkie chargers-24-
31Cables/WiresVGA cable-7$10
32Cables/WiresMac VGA cable adapter-2$40
33Cables/WiresHDMI to VGA adapter-3$40
34Cables/WiresUSB-C to HDMI adapter-1$40
35Cables/WiresEthranet to Mac lightning pod adapter-2$40
36Cables/WiresHDMI cables-1$10
37MiscellaneousPaper Cutter-3-
38MiscellaneousMetal Easel-13$10.00
39MiscellaneousKombo binder machine-1-
40MiscellaneousTrolley spare wheels-1 box-
41MiscellaneousWhite gloves-3 packets-
42MiscellaneousConstruction Gloves-9 pairs$10.00
43MiscellaneousTrolleys-1 big (#7), 2 small (#8, #9)$10.00
44MiscellaneousTV/monitor mount-1-
45Miscellaneousluggage scale-1-
46MiscellaneousPresentation clicker -1-
47MiscellaneousClicker counter-1$10.00
48MiscellaneousAssorted locks (chain, key, padlock)-1 box$10.00
49MiscellaneousBicycle hooks-1 box$10.00
50MiscellaneousLaptop locks with keys-7 sets$10.00
51Miscellaneousmulti plugs-12$10.00
52MiscellaneousGlue gun with refills-2$20.00
53MiscellaneousAlice keys -9-
54Miscellaneousretractable measuring tapes-4$10.00
55MiscellaneousMic adaptor holder for standing mic-4$10.00
56MiscellaneousCable ties, Raw wires, and strings-1 box-
57MiscellaneousBinding combs-1 box assorted-
58Miscellaneous100m measuring tape -1$20.00
59MiscellaneousWeighing scale (pink)-1$10.00
60MiscellaneousName display plates-1 box $10.00
61MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-8$10.00
62MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-7$10.00
63MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth (long)-1$10.00
64MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth -24M, 3S $10.00
65MiscellaneousRed cloth-4$10.00
66MiscellaneousYellow cloth-4$10.00
67MiscellaneousCash box-2$10.00
68MiscellaneousWhiteboards 45cm x 30cm-8$10.00
69MiscellaneousSmall clocks-2$10.00
70MiscellaneousLanyards-1 huge box-
71MiscellaneousCooler box-1$20.00
72MiscellaneousAssorted stamps with inkpads -7$10.00
73MiscellaneousSmall foldable chair (30cm tall)-1$10.00
74MiscellaneousSmall plastic balls-1 bag$10.00
75MiscellaneousParty stuff-1 box-
76MiscellaneousDarts-1 box -
77MiscellaneousBalloon pump-3$10.00
78MiscellaneousRaffia string-1 box-
79MiscellaneousFoldable umbrellas-34$10.00
80MiscellaneousAssorted Decorations-3 CNY, 1 christmas-
81MiscellaneousPool triangle rack-2-
82MiscellaneousPool chalk-14 new, 1 bag of old ones-
83MiscellaneousBIlliard table brush -1-
84MiscellaneousBIlliard balls-2-
85MiscellaneousAssorted baskets -4-
86MiscellaneousWhite Mask-1 box-
87SafetyFirst aid box -3$20.00
88SafetySafety vest -22$10.00
89SafetyRubber latex white gloves -1 box-
90SafetyAlcohol swabs-1 box-
91SafetyCottons buds-5 packets-
94SafetyTriangular bandages-24-
95ToolsTools box (small)-1$10.00
96ToolsTools box (large)-1$20.00
97ToolsOrange tools box set-2$10.00
98ToolsDrill -1$30.00
99ToolsMultipurpose gap filler-1$10.00
100ToolsCalculators (normal + casio)-3$10.00
101MiscellaneousProjector Screen and Stand-1$20
102MiscellaneousQueue Poles (heavy duty)-12$10, capped at $200
103MiscellaneousWooden A-frame-1$10
104MiscellaneousPaper Cutter-4-
105MiscellaneousPDPA Stands-1710
106MiscellaneousSunny the Mascot-1$50
107MiscellaneousFoldable Chairs-10$10
108MiscellaneousDrink Dispensers-2$10