The NUSSU Executive Committee has a pool of logistical equipment that Union members may rent, subject to availability.


Logistical services may be affected by the latest government restrictions in light of the COVID-19 situation.

These services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Student Lounge Bookings;
  2. Logistic Loans;
  3. Secretariat Services; and
  4. NUSSU commIT computer centres at AS8 and Yusof Ishak House.


Thank you and stay safe.


1ElectronicsPortable ProjectorEpson EB-X122$50 HDMI-HDMI, remote, power cable
2ElectronicsHeavy Duty PA SystemYamaha PAS3003$150 2 x microphones (Shure SM58)
2 x quarter inch jack
1 x 3.5mm phone jack
3ElectronicsPortable PA speaker-2$50 *One missing a remote
Supply Box:
1 x Wireless Microphone
1 x powercable
1 x cables
4ElectronicsLoudhailers-2$20 New loudhailers - 6x D size battery
Old loudhailers - 8x C size battery.
5ElectronicsMulti-plugs (Soapbar)-20$10.00
6ElectronicsExtension Reel (50m)-2$20.00
7ElectronicsLED rechargeable flood light series-4$20.00Portable
8ElectronicsSpotlights-2$20.00Not tested yet
9ElectronicsTorch lights-7$10.00Batteries not included
10ElectronicsEarpiece-17$10.00Must be borrowed together with Walkie Talkies
11ElectronicsWalkie Tallkie-$10.00Must be borrowed together with earpieces
12ElectronicsUniversal adapters-6$10.00
13Cables/WiresMac VGA cable adapter-2$40
14Cables/WiresHDMI to VGA adapter-3$40
15Cables/WiresEthranet to Mac lightning pod adapter-2$40
16Cables/WiresHDMI cables-2$10
17MiscellaneousMetal Easel-10$10.00
18MiscellaneousTrolleys (Big)-2$10.00Labelled as #3, #7
19MiscellaneousTrolleys (Small)-3$10.00Labelled as #2, #8, #9
20MiscellaneousAssorted locks (chain, key, padlock)-$10.00Items considered as one
21MiscellaneousBicycle hooks-$10.00Items considered as one
22MiscellaneousLaptop locks with keys-$10.00
23Miscellaneousmulti plugs-12$10.00
24MiscellaneousGlue gun with refills-2$20.00
25Miscellaneousretractable measuring tapes-4$10.00
26MiscellaneousMic adaptor holder for standing mic-4$10.00
27Miscellaneous50m measuring tape -1$20.00
28MiscellaneousWeighing scale (pink)-1$10.00
29MiscellaneousName display plates-$10.00
30MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-8$10.00New
31MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-7$10.00Used
32MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth (long)-1$10.00
33MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth -$10.00
34MiscellaneousRed cloth-4$10.00Small
35MiscellaneousYellow cloth-4$10.00Small
36MiscellaneousWhiteboards 45cm x 30cm-8$10.00
37MiscellaneousCooler box-2$20.00
38MiscellaneousSmall foldable chair (30cm tall)-1$10.00Field Blue Chaior
39MiscellaneousBalloon pump-2$10.00Electronic
40MiscellaneousBalloon pump-1$10.00Manual
41MiscellaneousFoldable umbrellas-34$10.00All in 1 Box
42SafetyFirst aid box -3$20.00BOX 3- FULLY KIT

- waterproof knee and elbow plasters (10 pieces)
- all purpose cotton tips (guardian)
12 x alcohol swabs (expires 2022/12)
- guardian antiseptic cream (30g)
- smith and nephew sterile non-woven gauze (2 packets of 5) (expires 2024/05)
- triangular bandage
- safety pins x 12
- 6 x sodium chloride solution 0.9%
- bandage tape
- smith and nephew elastic stretched cotton crepe bandage
43SafetySafety vest -22$10.00
44ToolsCalculators (normal + casio)-3$10.00
45MiscellaneousProjector Screen and Stand-1$20 -
46MiscellaneousQueue Poles (heavy duty)-12-
47MiscellaneousWooden A-frame-1$10 -
48MiscellaneousPDPA Stands-17$10.00
49MiscellaneousSunny the Mascot-1$50 To be dry cleaned after use
50ElectronicsBluetooth audio receiver-1$50 New
3 cables: USB power cable , 3.5mm to 3.5mm and female 3.5mm to red/white
51ElectronicsLogitech webcam-2$100 New
Logitech webcam each comes with a stand
52ElectronicsUSB-C to HDMI-3$10 New
53ElectronicsUSB-standing IR thermometer4$30.00New
To connect a USB power source for thermometer
54ElectronicsHDMI to USB capture card3$10.00