The NUSSU Executive Committee has a pool of logistical equipment that Union members may rent, subject to availability.


In light of the latest COVID-19 restrictions by the Government, all logistical support by the Union will be suspended from immediate effect to 13 June 2021 (inclusive).

These services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Student Lounge Bookings;
  2. Logistic Loans;
  3. Secretariat Services; and
  4. NUSSU commIT computer centres at AS8 and Yusof Ishak House.


Thank you and stay safe.


1ElectronicsPortable ProjectorEpson EB-X122$50 HDMI
2ElectronicsHeavy Duty PA SystemYamaha PAS3003$150 2 x microphones (Shure SM58)
2 x quarter inch jack
1 x 3.5mm phone jack
3ElectronicsPortable PA speaker-2$50 *One missing a remote
Supply Box:
1 x Wireless Microphone
1 x powercable
1 x cables
4ElectronicsLoudhailers-2$20 New loudhailers - 6x D size battery
Old loudhailers - 8x C size battery.
5ElectronicsMulti-plugs (Soapbar)-20$10.00
6ElectronicsExtension Reel (50m)-2$20.00
7ElectronicsLED rechargeable flood light series-4$20.00Portable
8ElectronicsSpotlights-2$20.00Not tested yet
9ElectronicsTorch lights-7$10.00Batteries not included
10ElectronicsEarpiece-17$10.00Must be borrowed together with Walkie Talkies
11ElectronicsWalkie Tallkie-WT: 1-4
RT: 1-14, 3 unlabelled
Total: 21
$10.00Must be borrowed together with earpieces
12ElectronicsUniversal adapters-6$10.00
13Cables/WiresMac VGA cable adapter-2$40
14Cables/WiresHDMI to VGA adapter-3$40
15Cables/WiresEthranet to Mac lightning pod adapter-2$40
16Cables/WiresHDMI cables-2$10
17MiscellaneousMetal Easel-10$10.00
18MiscellaneousTrolleys (Big)-2$10.00Labelled as #3, #7
19MiscellaneousTrolleys (Small)-3$10.00Labelled as #2, #8, #9
20MiscellaneousAssorted locks (chain, key, padlock)-1 box$10.00Items considered as one
21MiscellaneousBicycle hooks-1 box$10.00Items considered as one
22MiscellaneousLaptop locks with keys-7 sets$10.00
23Miscellaneousmulti plugs-12$10.00
24MiscellaneousGlue gun with refills-2$20.00
25Miscellaneousretractable measuring tapes-4$10.00
26MiscellaneousMic adaptor holder for standing mic-4$10.00
27Miscellaneous50m measuring tape -1$20.00
28MiscellaneousWeighing scale (pink)-1$10.00
29MiscellaneousName display plates-1 box $10.00
30MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-8$10.00New
31MiscellaneousBlue tablecloth-7$10.00Used
32MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth (long)-1$10.00
33MiscellaneousBlack tablecloth -24M, 3S $10.00
34MiscellaneousRed cloth-4$10.00Small
35MiscellaneousYellow cloth-4$10.00Small
36MiscellaneousWhiteboards 45cm x 30cm-8$10.00
37MiscellaneousCooler box-2$20.00
38MiscellaneousSmall foldable chair (30cm tall)-1$10.00Field Blue Chaior
39MiscellaneousBalloon pump-2$10.00Electronic
40MiscellaneousBalloon pump-1$10.00Manual
41MiscellaneousFoldable umbrellas-34$10.00All in 1 Box
42SafetyFirst aid box -3$20.00BOX 3- FULLY KIT

- waterproof knee and elbow plasters (10 pieces)
- all purpose cotton tips (guardian)
12 x alcohol swabs (expires 2022/12)
- guardian antiseptic cream (30g)
- smith and nephew sterile non-woven gauze (2 packets of 5) (expires 2024/05)
- triangular bandage
- safety pins x 12
- 6 x sodium chloride solution 0.9%
- bandage tape
- smith and nephew elastic stretched cotton crepe bandage
43SafetySafety vest -22$10.00
44ToolsCalculators (normal + casio)-3$10.00
45MiscellaneousProjector Screen and Stand-1$20 -
46MiscellaneousQueue Poles (heavy duty)-12$10, capped at $200-
47MiscellaneousWooden A-frame-1$10 -
48MiscellaneousPDPA Stands-17$10.00
49MiscellaneousSunny the Mascot-1$50 To be dry cleaned after use
50ElectronicsBluetooth audio receiver-1$50 New
3 cables: USB power cable , 3.5mm to 3.5mm and female 3.5mm to red/white
51ElectronicsLogitech webcam-2$100 New
Logitech webcam each comes with a stand
52ElectronicsUSB-C to HDMI-3$10 New
53ElectronicsUSB-standing IR thermometer4$30.00New
To connect a USB power source for thermometer
54ElectronicsHDMI to USB capture card3$10.00