As they begin their NUS journey, new NUS undergraduate students (freshmen) are thrust into a colourful campus life bursting with a vibrant student culture and an exciting range of Freshmen Orientation Programmes (FOPs) aimed to ease them into this new university chapter of their life. These FOPs are organised by various NUS groups that comprise of NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU), NUSSU Faculty Clubs, NUSSU Non-Faculty Clubs, Halls and Residential Colleges, Academic Societies (for various Faculty Departments) and Student Interest Groups.
Across the various Faculties, Halls, Residential Colleges, Academic Societies and Interest Groups, there are a total of 70 camps stretching across the months of June, July and Early August. The camps are usually categorised into the following categories :

  1. Exposure/Social Camps, which are usually more focused on forging friendships and creating a more vibrant Student Life Experience and are not limited to Faculties and Residences but Interest Groups as well. These camps usually happen from early June till mid July
  2. Orientation Week Camps, which are usually more focused on introducing the academic aspect of NUS Life and orientation of the campus. These camps usually happen from early June till mid July
  3. Rag Camps, to introduce freshmen to the various Rag & Flag Programmes for the respective Faculty/Hall/Department. These camps usually happen from Mid-May.
Here is a complete list of all FOPs for 2020 : NUS Orientation Finder


1When are NUS FOPS held?
Most NUS FOPs are held between June and Mid-August each year. They are usually based on campus grounds, but some activities may be carried out outside.
2Where can Information about the various NUS FOPs be obtained?
Every year during NUS Open Day Student Village, major NUSSU entities - i.e. NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), Faculty Clubs, Non-faculty clubs, Halls and Residences - will manning booths to share about their various initiatives and projects, in particular, orientation projects and camps for incoming students/freshmen. Attending NUS Open Day is a good opportunity for prospective NUS students to learn about these NUSSU FOPs as they can engage in a more personal and meaningful conversation with returning NUS students to get a first-hand account of their own freshmen experience and learn about NUS student life. General information about the various NUSSU FOPs organised by the major union entities can be obtained from the Union’s website and its NEXUS Facebook page ( which will be regularly updated. For more detailed information about each NUSSU FOP or information about other NUS FOPs, students are advised to check the respective FOP/FOP organising committee/club’s website or Facebook pages for updates
3Is it compulsory to attend NUS Orientation Camps?
It is not compulsory to attend NUS orientation camps, but incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to do so as these camps grant freshmen a better opportunity to get to know their batch mates and seniors, who can provide valuable advice and insights on NUS student life and academics.