Bursary Awards and Book Grants

Bursary Awards and Book Grants (BABG)

The National University of Singapore Students’ Union (“NUSSU”) has been consistently assisting financially needy full-time undergraduates by providing financial aid through the NUSSU Bursary and Book Grant (BABG).
BABG was set up to provide essential and opportune monetary assistance to students with financial needs.

NUSSU intends to provide such assistance to students who are financially in need in the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021. Should there be students who need financial assistance after the application, applicants can write-in to babg@nussu.org.sg and state the reason(s) for their late application before proceeding to apply accordingly. The NUSSU Finance Cell will consider their applications on a case-by-case basis.


BABG supports students across all disciplines based on the degree of their financial needs rather than their academic or extracurricular achievements.

The eligibility criteria for BABG are as follows:
● Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or International Students;
● Full-time undergraduate students in Academic Year 2020/2021 Semester 2;
● Has a gross monthly household income (GHI) of ≤ S$4,000, or a monthly per capita income (PCI) of ≤ S$1,000;
● Living in a property with an annual value of ≤ S$21,000, and
● Has not received BABG in Academic Year 2020/2021 Semester 1 .

Applications for BABG are now CLOSED. Applications were open from 11 Jan 2021 (Mon) 1000hrs to 31 Jan 2021 (Sun) 2359hrs.

Bursary $1250
Tier 1 Book Grant $600
Tier 2 Book Grant $300

Application outcomes is aimed to be released to applicants from 12 March 2021 (Friday).