National University of Singapore Students’ Union (NUSSU) is a unique student-run institution that is autonomous from the University Administration primarily in terms of operations and budget. Perspectives and opinions about any issue vary, as such, to facilitate communication between the Union and the administration, Student leaders from various faculty clubs and non-faculty clubs volunteer to come together as the NUSSU Council to address the concerns of their fellow undergraduate union members. The NUSSU Council is spearheaded by the NUSSU Executive Committee (NUSSU EXCO).

The NUSSU Council constantly strives to work towards upholding its vision of being a representative, inclusive and credible institution to promote, safeguard and uphold students’ interest and welfare in NUS. It hopes to be an approachable Union that can be useful to NUS students during their time in University.

Every full-time undergraduate at NUS is a Union (NUSSU) member by default and everyone is entitled to voice their opinions about any university-related matters, especially in situations where they find that their welfare is being compromised. The avenue for them to do this is through NUSSU feedback channels that are readily available and accessible on-campus, as well as online. Undergraduates can also choose to approach members of the NUSSU Council directly in person – All representatives are prepared to listen and work to improve the lives of students on campus.

Often, NUSSU works directly with the University administration, which encompasses mainly the Board of Undergraduate Studies, the University Dining Committee, the Campus Sustainability Committee, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Estate & Development, Office of Corporate Relations, Office of Alumni Relations, Office of Safety, Health & Environment, NUS Libraries and many other offices to solve certain issues with regards to students’ welfare.

In a nutshell, NUSSU strives to amplify the voices of the students and at the same time act as a bridge between the students and the university administration to promote students’ interest and welfare in NUS.

To foster receptive and engaging platforms promoting students' interests, bridging perspectives and nurturing global leaders of change

To be a representative and inclusive institution advocating NUS students’ interests.

  • Integrity - A leader who stands firm on serving the NUS community and has strong moral principles
  • Excellence (Team & Service) - A leader who not only serves the students well, but also excels with and as a team to advance the Union's objectives
  • Commitment - A leader who is highly dedicated to serving the students and ready to innovate from existing solutions
  • Humility - A leader who is modest and willing to listen to the views of the students on all communication platforms
  • Openness - A leader who is receptive to thoughts from stakeholders and crowd-source solutions
In 1949, the University of Malaya Students’ Union was officially established and was known as UMSU. The administration of the Union was first in the hands of the Interim Committee of 16 members elected by separate General Meetings of the Raffles College Union and Medical College Union in May 1949 and chaired by Dr Chee Phui Hung.
The University of Singapore Students’ Union (USSU) was established on 7th September 1962 during the term of the 14th Students’ Council. This followed the decision of the Governments of Singapore and the Federation of Malaya that the Singapore Division of the University of Malaya should become the University of Singapore – an autonomous national university.
The National University of Singapore and the National University of Singapore Students’ Union was formed when the University of Singapore merged with the Nanyang University on 8th August 1980, with the 1st NUSSU AGM being convened on 20th September.
At present, the NUSSU 41st Council is the incumbent governing and legislative body of the NUS Students' Union. It consists of undergraduate student representatives elected from the 14 NUSSU Constituent Clubs and 8 Associate Bodies including the NUSSU Executive Committee (NUSSU EXCO) representatives and the Presidents of the respective Constituent Club Management Committees, Hall Junior Common Room Committees and Residential College Student Committees. Find out more about the 41st NUSSU Council here.