The National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU) Council is the highest student legislative body in the NUS. The Council comprises of elected full-time undergraduate student representatives who are either members of the NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), student leaders holding leadership appointments from the 15 NUSSU Constituent Club Management Committees – 11 Faculty and 4 non-Faculty Clubs. The Presidents of all Constituent Clubs are de-facto members of the NUSSU Council.

NUSSU Council meetings are open to all Union members and the Council frequently convenes to discuss and debate over policies, initiatives and projects to ensure that they are congruent with the Union’s constitutional objectives – to promote, uphold and safeguard students' interests and welfare.


Macy Soh Mei-Shi President, BIZAD Club
Heng Thia Siang Reginald President, DE Club
Wang Lu President, ENGIN Club
Sia Bao Huei President, LAW Club
Ranise Teo Jia Qi President, FASS Club
Soong Tse Kiat President, MEDICAL Club
Chua Cheng Ling President, SCIENCE Club
Shen Yunni President, Political Association
Jeremy Jee De Sheng President, University Scholars' Club
Tan Wei Xiang President, Community Service Club
Leo Dohyung Kim Chairman, 40th Council
Benjamin Loo Qi En President, 40th Exco


Macy Soh Mei-Shi President, BIZAD Club
Gwyn Soo Vice-President (Internal), BIZAD Club
Sean Ng Vice-President (Student Life), BIZAD Club
Lim Wai Lun Vice-President, COMPUTING Club
Yow Ren Jia General Secretary, COMPUTING Club
Heng Thia Siang Reginald President, DE Club
Chew Di Wen Ivena Vice-President (Internal), DE Club
Soh Yu Fang Chelsey Vice-President (External), DE Club
Tan Yu Kiat Special Projects Director, DE Club
Wang Lu President, ENGIN Club
Ng Terry Vice-President (Internal), ENGIN Club
Ranise Teo Jia Qi President, FASS Club
Sia Bao Huei President, LAW Club
Rachel Chan Chin Qi Vice-President, LAW Club
Tan Hui Lyi Welfare Director, LAW Club
Soong Tse Kiat President, MEDICAL Club
Chua Cheng Ling President, SCIENCE Club
Leo Dohyung Kim President, Conservatory Club
Tan Wei Xiang President, Community Service Club
Chua Jia Jie Vice-President (Special Proj), Community Service Club
Sim Shi Rong Vice-President (Reg. Prog), Community Service Club
Shen Yunni President, Political Association
Chaganti Akhila Vice-President, Political Association
Jacqueline Chan Vice-President, Political Association
Sharmili Pillai Honorary General Secretary, Political Association
Fabian Tan Vice-President (Internal), Sports Club
Marcia Lee Vice-President (External), Sports Club
Chin Jiong Hong General Secretary, Sports Club
Jeremy Jee De Sheng President, University Scholars' Club
Teoh Xin Yi Vice-President, University Scholars' Club


The role of an NUSSU Executive Committee (Exco) Representative has to be differentiated from the role of a Constituent Club Management Committee member. The NUSSU Exco Rep aims to serve the entire student community insofar as his/her portfolio in the Exco allows him/her to, without any prejudice or bias to any particular student organization. This neutrality particularly arises in moments of conflicts of interests between clubs, and the NUSSU Exco Rep is expected to take an impartial stand that will protect the interests of the majority of the students and the Union.

There is no pre-requisite to be an NUSSU Exco Rep, except that he/she must be elected from the Constituent Clubs, and upon election, he/she is required to perform and learn on the job leadership, management, communication, processes and procedures of the Union, and day to day execution of his/her portfolio. The extent of the above mentioned varies from positions to positions that will eventually be decided by the NUSSU Exco President and his Constitutional Positions.

The NUSSU Executive Committee is responsible for spear-heading and driving policy initiatives, proposals and projects under the jurisdiction of the Union. Some of the past initiatives and achievements include enhancements to academic policies (e.g. S/U Option), proposals for improvements to financial support frame-works and mechanisms for the less-fortunate students, collaborations with the University Administrators for the construction of sheltered walkways as well as many other policies.

It consists of six distinct cells with unique functionalities – Engagement and Relations, Secretariat, Finance, Communications, Student Life and Welfare. The various cells represent, manage and strengthen the core competencies of the Union for the betterment of student welfare and interests. The NUSSU Exco is presided over by the President with the assistance of the Vice President.


Benjamin Loo Qi En President
Soon Hao Jing Vice President
Chester Su Yong Meng General Secretary
Hor Zhan Rong Finance Secretary
Jaime Lee Si Ying Communications Secretary
Chua Khai Shing Student Welfare Secretary
Deng Yushan Student Life Secretary


Melodie Claire Wong Mae Ying Director of Public Relations
Shankar Sai Ganesh Director of Global Relations
Caryn Tan Xuan Lin Director of Relations
Ho Zhi Hui Director of Volunteer Development
Tiffany Foo Xin Yi Executive Assistant to Vice President
Jedd Woon External Relations Secretary
Sun Zi Cheng Director of Alumni Relations
Ivan Fenzely Yang Shao Yi Director of External Relations (Constituent Clubs)
Tan Zheng Jie Shaun Director of External Relations (Constituent Clubs)
Lim Jia Jin Alton Director of External Relations (Halls)
Wee Li Shuan Director of External Relations (Residential Colleges)


Zhou Xizhuang Michael Assistant Secretary
Dai Yi Ting Assistant Secretary
Wu Maoke Oscar Assistant Secretary
Denise Foo Kai Lin Assistant Secretary
Carissa Cheow Assistant Secretary
Ko Chang-Ming Director of Human Resource
Wee Su-ann Regulations and Compliance Officer
Ong Yuan Zheng Lenon Regulations and Compliance Officer
Priscilla Leo Zhen Ning Director of Services
Peter Lesmana Director of Logistics
Ng Bo Yan Director of Information Technology


Jesmine Woon Deputy Financial Secretary
Goh Wei Shern Deputy Financial Secretary
Kimberly Amanda Kao Deputy Financial Secretary
Li Ly Lim Deputy Financial Secretary
Tee Jun Hao Director of Students' Fund
Jeremy Lim Director of Marketing


Ang Hui Xuan Phyllis Creative Director
Chan Bi Wen Jerica Creative Director
Heng Chun Kai Deputy Communications Secretary
Maureen Rose Christabelle Deputy Communications Secretary
Gautam Rajulu Deputy Communications Secretary
Shawn Wong Deputy Communications Secretary
Valerie Lui Qi Deputy Communications Secretary
Yap Yi Jiunn Jacelyn Creative Director
Lauren Ong Yan Ting Director of Publications


Karthigeyan Deputy Student Life Secretary
Richard Wang Kai Deputy Student Life Secretary
Yaney Huang Deputy Student Life Secretary
Tiffany Loo Director of Special Projects


Bryan Kwa Jie Wen Deputy Welfare Secretary
David Tay Wei Deputy Welfare Secretary
Edwin Tung Keng Wee Deputy Welfare Secretary
Hannah Tan Jia Hwee Deputy Welfare Secretary
Jacob Li PengCheng Deputy Welfare Secretary
Ryan Ch'ng Wei Han Deputy Welfare Secretary
Zen Ang Sie Oen Deputy Welfare Secretary
Ching Pei Hao Frederick Director of Welfare Projects


Matthew Tjoeng Rui Zhi President, Eusoff Hall
Tan Yuxuan President, Kent Ridge Hall
Tay Pei Ling President, King Edward VII Hall
Wen Yiong President, Raffles Hall
Ng Woon Aik President, Sheares Hall
Priscilla President, Temasek Hall


Donavan Liew Yi Heng President, College of Alice & Peter Tan
Tricia Tan Yixuan President, Residential College 4
Wee Lishuen President, Ridge View Residential College
Terence Mak President, Tembusu College
Jeremy Jee De Sheng President, USP Cinnamon College