The Union Executive Committee has a pool of logistical equipment that Union members may rent, subject to availability. For loan of the NUSSU Van as well as any other equipment offered by the NUSSU Executive Committee, please complete the form and address to Director of Logistics at logistics@nussu.org.sg.

The list of all available equipment as well as the NUSSU van's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) can be found below. Kindly take note that students will need to approach the logistic I/Cs of the respective student groups to request for the loan of logistical equipments under the other union entities.


The NUSSU Secretariat is located at the 5th floor of the Yusof Ishak House. It is aimed to provide a conducive environment for students to gather and hold their meetings.

Mdm Noor Shilla, our full-time administrative officer, is the custodian of the NUSSU Secretariat. Feel free to approach her if you have any general enquiries and she will be happy to answer them for you. Our friendly clerical officer assists in administering issuance of any logistical equipment or keys after approval has been granted by the following directors:


For other YIH facilities, please book via OSA facilities section at


Need an avenue to promote your event or cause? Facebook, Email, Noticeboards? You name it, we have them! Send us an email at publicity.platforms@nussu.org.sg today!


Do you have an awesome project idea for our NUS community? Apply for NUSSU Council Funding today!

The NUSSU Council Funding is an initiative by the NUSSU Council and facilitated by the NUSSU Finance Standing Committee appointed by the NUSSU Council. This funding scheme aims to support and encourage NUS students to be involved in all student-led activities. We hope that with greater funding, students will be able to organise events of higher quality that benefit more undergraduates across NUS!

Funding SchemeFunding AmountTarget Student Organisation
NUSSU Council FundingNot exceeding 50% of the total project cost, or up to $1,500, whichever is lowerAll student groups, except NUSSU EXCO Committees or Projects*
*Examples of student groups: Constituent Clubs, Junior Common Room Committees, Residence College Student Committees, Interest Groups, Academic Societies and Independent Students

Drop an email at funding@nussu.org.sg to apply for NUSSU Council Funding!