NEXUS is the overarching theme for major freshman orientation projects (FOP) by NUSSU at the beginning of their college journey.. It means the NUS Experience and refers to a connection between different participating groups of students! Through the major FOPs, NUSSU hopes to forge lifetime bonds not only among freshmen but also between freshmen and their seniors (returning students).

The FOPs under NEXUS include Union Camp, Rag & Flag, and the Student Life Fair. Each of these has a unique tagline/ slogan attached to it as follows:
  • Union Camp (EXordia)
  • Rag & Flag (EXtending love, EXperiencing NUS)
  • Student Life Fair (EXplore)




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Most NUS FOPs are held between June and Mid-August each year. They are usually based on campus grounds, but some activities may be carried out outside.

Every year during NUS Open Day Student Village, major NUSSU entities - i.e. NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), Faculty Clubs, Non-faculty clubs, Halls and Residences - will manning booths to share about their various initiatives and projects, in particular, orientation projects and camps for incoming students/freshmen. Attending NUS Open Day is a good opportunity for prospective NUS students to learn about these NUSSU FOPs as they can engage in a more personal and meaningful conversation with returning NUS students to get a first-hand account of their own freshmen experience and learn about NUS student life. General information about the various NUSSU FOPs organised by the major union entities can be obtained from the Union’s website and its NEXUS Facebook page ( which will be regularly updated. For more detailed information about each NUSSU FOP or information about other NUS FOPs, students are advised to check the respective FOP/FOP organising committee/club’s website or Facebook pages for updates

It is not compulsory to attend NUS orientation camps, but incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to do so as these camps grant freshmen a better opportunity to get to know their batch mates and seniors, who can provide valuable advice and insights on NUS student life and academics.


As they begin their NUS journey, new NUS undergraduate students (freshmen) are thrust into a colourful campus life bursting with a vibrant student culture and an exciting range of Freshmen Orientation Projects (FOPs) aimed to ease them into this new university chapter of their life. Most of these projects range from overnight camps, day-long activities or even half-day workshops that are organised by various NUS groups and societies that comprise of faculty clubs, non-faculty clubs, halls and residential colleges, student interest groups, NUS Offices, and the NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU)

Faculty RelatedNon-faculty RelatedOthers / Cross-faculty
Social campsEthelonter Camp (Community Service) NUSSU Union Camp
RagCamp Estrella (Cultural Activities)NUS Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony
FlagSports CampNUSSU Rag & Flag
Orientation WeekHalls & Residential collegesNUSSU Student Life Fair
BashSocieties & Interest groups
Upcoming FOPs:


Student Benefits (nustyle)
NUSTYLE Discount Scheme
NUStyle is a privilege and discounts card scheme exclusively for the NUS students, staff and faculty members. An initiative spearheaded by the NUSSU Business Committee (NUSSU BIZCOM) in 2006, NUStyle has forged many close relations with our partners providing valuable discounts and deals for th NUS community over the years. Simply flash your NUS card at any of our partner shops upon making your purchase and enjoy great deals and discounts today! For the full listing of deals, do check out . For some quick updates, do 'like' NUStyle's facebook page. JOIN US AS A NUSTYLE PARTNER TODAY! We provide the best-in-class marketing platform for companies seeking to build their brand awareness in a pool of over 40,000 students, staff and faculty members. We utilise various forms of communication such as facebook, website listing and more. For companies that are interested to be a part of the NUStyle scheme, do contact us at .
Examination Welfare Package (EWP)
Students are entitled to receive one examination welfare package (while stocks last) from their home faculties several weeks before the end of each and every school semester. Students will be asked to fill in a general feedback survey about NUS before they can receive their welfare pack. This is a tangible welfare initiative organised by the NUSSU Welfare Committee which is part of the Union's efforts to meet students' welfare needs. Follow your home faculty’s social media and NUSSU Welfare for more details!


Eusoff Hall

Kent Ridge Hall To provide an all-round positive homely and vibrant living experience that cultivates a strong Kent Ridge Hall family spirit, in partnership with OSA, hall management and staff, as well as students.
King Edward VII Hall

Sheares Hall

Raffles Hall Raffles Hall has its roots in Raffles College, which was one of the institutes of higher learning that merged to eventually form the National University of Singapore (the other being King Edward VII college). Raffles Hall was also modelled after the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, and hence many of their traditions trickled down to us. The positions of the Master, Resident Fellows, Junior Common Room Committees (JCRCs) and Senior Common Room Committees (SCRCs) all stemmed from those origins. And although “Raffles” is a common name for many institutions and organisations in Singapore, Raffles Hall is in no way affiliated to them.
Prince George’s Park House (PGP House) Prince George’s Park House provides a balanced one-year living and learning programme for freshmen, and aims to help freshmen settle into varsity life by providing a familial and well-supported residential environment. The signature Peer Mentorship Programme offers freshmen an opportunity to receive academic guidance and student life-related care from a selected group of dedicated seniors (i.e. "Peer Mentors"). Resident Fellows and Resident Assistants are also readily available to provide pastoral care and support. PGP House believes in building an inclusive and well-integrated community, whereby residents are encouraged to partake in house-wide events and programmes to build friendships and exchange cultural ideas. At PGP House, every life matters and we welcome you to join us!
College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT) Founded in 2012, the College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT) is a Residential College located within University Town and within close proximity to the wide range of learning, sports and performing arts facilities. The College of Alice & Peter Tan is distinguished by its vision of helping students engage with the community within and outside of NUS, and encouraging them to apply their knowledge to address issues that are important to society. The College consciously weaves these themes of active citizenship and community engagement through its curriculum and other aspects of the student experience.

Tembusu College It’s a place where you’ll meet others who are different, unique, and singular in their own right. A place where you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with people who love what they do and are good at it. Above all, you’ll explore and develop yourself, and your personal interests, whatever they may be — all whilst living and learning with those around you.

Residential College 4 (RC4) The mission of RC4 is to integrate academic and personal life in a residential setting to develop systems thinking using interdisciplinary issues, foster all round student development through in- and out-of-class learning experiences and nurture a spirit of concern and care in students for all living beings and the environment.

Ridgeview Residential College (RVRC) At RVRC, our mission is to equip students with the ability to deal with complexity and uncertainty as key attributes for success in their future workplace while providing a platform that brings students together in fellowship, competition and recreation. RVRC is grounded on the increasingly recognised concept that a strong living-learning programme is a cornerstone in enhancing holistic student development during University years. The RVRC Programme was conceptualized to address the need of building a solid foundation for students in their academic pursuits as well as to cultivate in them qualities appreciated by today’s workplace.